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Membership Dues
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Member Dues

Schedule for Florida Gulf Coast Local 427-721 annual / semi-annual dues.

Regular or Youth Membership (Annual Payment) $135.00
Life Membership (Annual Payment) $83.00
Inactive Life Member $77.00
Regular or Youth Membership (Semi-Annually) $70.00
Federal Initiation Fee (One Time) $65.00
Local 427-721 Initiation Fee (One Time)    $10.00
New Member - Annual Dues+One time Initiation Fee $210.00
Regular Member + TEMPO $140.00
Life Member + TEMPO $88.00
Regular + $10 Re-Instatement Fee $145.00

AFM Florida Gulf Coast Local 427-721 is now accepting payments via PayPal. A service fee of five dollars ($5) has been added to offset the cost of payments processed through PayPal.





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